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Are you doing HR Consulting?
Make MRA a profit center with our
Value Partner Program

Maximize the value of MRA profiles thorough our training programs. Learn

 The science behind the method

 In-depth Profile analysis

 Communication techniques based on Profile data

 Sales techniques based on Profile data

 Management techniques based on Profile data

And much, much more.

The Executive
Leadership Seminar

Supercharge your ability to hire for best fit, and optimize the entire process of bringing new talent on board. MRA profile data helps every step of the way.
This seminar will maximize the return on your investment.

 Learn how to share profile results with employees for meaningful buy-in on placement, management and training decisions.

 Gain complete mastery of the Online Profiler to track profile results and build predictive models of high-value job candidates.

The Performance
Review Seminar

Many managers are frustrated by the performance review cycle. With each employee's MRA profile data in hand (and yours too) the whole process becomes more effective, less confrontational and a better productivity builder.

 Learn to set and articulate goals in ways best-suited to the employee's behavioral style.

 Structure milestones and measurement process in a motivational, positive way and minimize intimidation.

The Behavioral
Interviewing Seminar

Behavioral interviewing is said to be 55 percent predictive of future on-the-job performance, while traditional interviewing is only 10 percent predictive. MRA Profile reports give you a superb platform on which to build behavioral interview questions.

 Learn the technique of behavioral interviewing and practice in a comfortable seminar setting.

 Use profile traits as a key to unlock each candidate's strengths and restraints in the interview.

MRA Training Seminars

Monthly Webinars: two half-day sessions. Call 610-354-9362 or email us for time and details.
  • No Travel
  • Work from you own desk
  • Use your actual profile data
  • Train your team together
  • Plenty of discussion time

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    Team Building, Sales Training or Communications workshops

    We'll work with your specific team-members' profiles to craft a powerful event which will transform the way you do business and build both efficiency and profitability, too.

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