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1. Job candidates or existing employees go to our web site and complete the profile exercises.
2. Reports are available immediately to help with hiring, sales support, learning styles and advice for the manager.
3. MRA provides on-going support in team building, refining your hiring procedures and manager training.

How Do I Put MRA To Work For Me?

MRA provides training for business owners, corporate executives, HR people and managers to let you integrate MRA results into your corporate culture. Send us an email describing your business needs and we will give you the opportunity to try the online profiler without cost.
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Is It Legal?

The courts have firmly stated that aptitude testing, when applied uniformly, is legal. Read the details of the definitive cases in our MRA Notebook article linked below:

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Our Profiling System Cuts your Turnover Costs

The MRA program measures an individual's personality and preferred behavior patterns. We also measure:

Comprehension Speed - How quickly an individual can receive, absorb and use information.

Factual Judgment - A measure of decision-making ability when unrelated alternatives are present. Are this employee's decisions likely to be "snap" decisions, intuitive, compulsive? MRA gives you important insights.

Empathic Judgment - The individual's ability to sense the feelings of others and emotional components in interactions. This is a critical capability for managers and sales personnel.

New Hires
The MRA system matches the applicant's behavioral traits with the job description, yielding satisfied and productive employees. MRA's proprietary and highly-acclaimed Profiling System measures relevant traits and abilities, eliminating a large part of the guesswork in selection and in management decisions.

Existing Employees
The MRA system is a powerful management tool. Research shows that attempts to motivate an individual in a direction contrary to the preferred behavioral style are likely to fail.

Managers use profile information in day-to-day leadership decisions. There are no "good" or "bad" profiles. Rather, the reports point the way to the best possible fit between the candidate and the job description. MRA clients modify the work environment to maximize productivity and build positive working relationships.

A Sales Force
MRA clients know how to determine the best trait/job fit, depending on how difficult the product is to sell. Since personalities differ in terms of risk-taking and in the degree of independence with which they are comfortable, better job-fit is the best way to reduce turnover. These behavior differences are easily measured. Sales people can learn how to sell using their personal strengths. They can also learn how to recognize the communication style of their prospects, and communicate in the prospect's own preferred style.

How do people react to the assessment?

I wanted to comment briefly on the ease and clarity of your online assessment. In the past I have been asked to participate in similar assessments which left me quite unclear and slightly confused as to the questioning. I see no need for any improvement on your part. Thank you ...

      Aaron K.

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What Do Your Best Performers Have In Common?

Group Analysis allows us to look at the profiles of a group of your top performers to identify profile characteristics they have in common.

"I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies."
Larry Bossidy

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