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MRA Reports

We understand that you need enough information to make a successful business decision and no more than that.

Our reports range from one-page descriptions of the basic workplace behavioral trends to an in-depth guide to long-term management of the individual for maximum productivity.

Key Reports Include:

 Interview Report - simple non-technical report for hiring interviews

 Management Report - A long term-plan for top-quality performance

 Sales Report - Prospecting, selling and closing techniques adapted to this individual

 Learning Style - advice for training and communicating most effectively

What Do Your Best Performers Have In Common?

Group Analysis allows us to look at the profiles of a group of your top performers to identify behavioral and ability characteristics they may have in common.

How Can I Put MRA To Work For Us?

MRA provides training for HR people and Managers to let you integrate MRA results into your corporate culture. Send us an email describing your business needs and we will give you the opportunity to try the online profiler without cost.

A Profile Comprises Three Assessment Instruments

These can be used individually or in concert for the most detailed and predictive results.

The Leadership Matrix - A personality inventory which characterizes the individual's
 Response to challenge and risk
 Identification with other individuals and groups
 Ability to thrive in either stable or unpredictable work situations
 Need for guidance and validation from others

The Measure of Practical Judgment - An assessment exercise which measures
  Factual Judgment - How participants apply previous knowledge in new situations. A high score suggests the decision-maker is likely to process decisions in a conventional and dependable way. A low score suggests the individual may make snap decisions or may think noticeably "outside the box." Instructions to improve practical judgment skills are provided in MRA's Executive Leadership Seminar.
  Empathic Judgment - How well the individual can sense the feelings of others; to what degree does the individual "walk in the other's shoes" during decision making or negotiating. A high score indicates a natural listening ability and awareness of the emotional needs of others. A low score means listening and empathizing skills must be learned by those individuals in positions these skills are necessary. Instructions to improve practical judgment skills are provided in MRA's Executive Leadership Program.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test - measures comprehension speed; a measure of the individual's ability to receive, absorb, and utilize new information.

Using the Measurements in Job Placement
The Leadership Matrix and Wonderlic Personnel Test are designed to help employers achieve the best job fit. If the behavioral traits and intellectual challenge of the job are known, the MRA Reports will give the interviewer a strong tool to achieve a successful placement.

Using the Measurements in Management
Many managers instinctively treat people the way they would want to be treated. But important differences between people make that method very inefficient. People have widely varying needs for challenge, for assertive leadership, for stability, for change, for interaction with others, and a number of other critical factors. Giving them what they need, rather than what you need, will help everyone succeed. MRA profiles give you an accurate picture of the employee's needs and clear, actionable suggestions in straightforward business language.

The MRA Leadership Matrix is validated in four languages: English, Spanish, French and German. It is not considered to be culture-bound.

The Measure of Practical Judgment, on the other hand, very much represents North American or UK societal norms, and should be administered to candidates from non-US/UK cultures with care. Clients may specify which (US or UK) norms they wish to apply to their subjects.

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