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"...every CPA firm should use the MRA program. It's the only way we found to come close to hiring the right person, rather than relying on interviews which are proven faulty predictors."
Mac McBride, Managing Partner
McBride, Shopa & Company, DE
"SSR, having been an MRA user for three decades, has found the online profile to be extremely valuable, especially in allowing us to profile candidates prior to their coming for the first interview. Having the leadership profile and the measure of practical judgment gives us a foundation to base the interview upon. While it does not provide the entire picture, it helps to validate, or invalidate, the interviewee and his/her behaviors as we meet."
Dan Ryan, HR
Smith Seckman Reid Inc.
(Now Senior Consultant at The Human Capital Group)

"Turnover is zero ... saving valuable time and dollars. MRA helped us become a 'learning Organization'."
Dave Roach, Principal Architect
Teter Consultants, CA
"After five minutes of reviewing a profile I am able to tell how to proceed with an interview and which questions to ask. Over the fifteen years I have been using the materials, our service and production errors have clearly decreased. Communications and individual tolerance levels have improved."
Hilary Raab, President
A Division of East Chicago Machine Tool Corp.

"I have found that the MRA profiling program has been significantly helpful in the following ways:
 Financially - Picking the right profile for a position has allowed us to place the right employee in positions without having to repeat the process too many times. Even if a hired employee does not seem to be the best fit for the first position, we now can save that person because the profile allows us to find a better fit in other openings in the company.
 Time Savings - We now hire one time for most positions, rather than three or four times.
 Accuracy - We now can tell the difference between those who know how to interview from those with the right traits and abilities for the positions."
Michael J. Faber, President
Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Company
St. Cloud, MN
"Thank you so much for the on-line version. The record keeping of previous profiles is now so convenient, and I can access the profiles from anywhere as long as I have Internet access. The MRA personality profile system has been critical to every aspect of my business, and recently nearly saved me! I was asked to put together a new sales and marketing staff for a resort real estate office, but there was one hitch. I had less than 8 weeks to recruit, interview, hire and train over twenty-five new employees! MRA's new On-line Profiler came at just the right time! With over 1,000 applicants to review, we used the on-line profiling system and were able to target, and weed through all the resumes in less than 1 week. By the time I engaged in a phone interview, I knew exactly what questions needed to be addressed, as I had a clear understanding of each applicant's strengths, restraints, and personality type. More importantly, because I have expanded insight into my own management style with MRA, I knew where the best matches were instantly.

Millions of dollars in sales later, I look back and realize that I could not have accomplished all of that without the MRA on-line profiling system. Thanks Dr. Sartor!"
Jenny Ochtera, Vice President of Real Estate
American Skiing Company

"We have reduced turnover. Each mistake can cost up to $100,000 in our industry."
Ed Garrett, Regional Vice President
Bluegreen Corp., TN

"Having just joined MRA, I am already a huge fan of the results attained by administering the MRA testing. I worked with Tom (now an MRA Corporate Partner) in my previous company, Advantage Travel, based in Lakeland, FL, where I had off site sales offices that sold the Great ESCAPES Vacation Club. I expect that we will realize the same positive results once again as we utilize the MRA testing to screen candidates in my new company. Thanks and feel free to use me as a reference anytime."
James E. Carey III, CEO
Conversion Solutions, Florida

"Larry, the benefits of using MRA during the hiring process has proven to be an extremely valuable resource for me. I don't solely rely on it to make the final decision but it clearly steers me in the proper direction during the interview process.

We have also used MRA to enhance the way staff members relate/interact with each other therefore creating a more harmonious and efficient work place."
Brad Noble, Regional Director of Marketing
Shell Vacations - Carriage Hill Resorts, Canada

"We were recently introduced to MRA at a convention in Toronto. It sounded like a promising program that could actually produce concrete results. Since we brought MRA and personality profiling on board, it has helped our managers go from "a group of individuals" to a team that understands each other's strengths and restraints.

We have now begun using MRA for our current staff and have found it to be useful in the review and advancement process. As a company, we do most of our promotions internally and MRA is helping ensure we do not make costly mistakes in promoting the wrong people to management.

MRA is quick: You get a full report tailored to suit each individual all within minutes of completing the profile questionnaire. And, someone is always available to help with support, questions and interpretation of the profiles. Thank you MRA."
Mike McGeough, President
Whiski Jack Resorts Ltd., Vancouver, BC

"I am amazed it has already been 5 months since I was there with you for my training. I am looking forward to a time when I can go through it with you again. I have every reason to believe I will get just as much, if not more, the second time around.

As you know, much of what motivated me to turn to MRA was based on the sales training we provide for companies throughout the U.S. In every training class we conduct, the individuals we are asked to train are not "selected" by us. Rather, they are chosen by a multiple number of companies and sent to us for professional development.

Prior to my training with MRA, it would have taken me a week to form some opinion of each individual. Now, as the week begins, I have the clearest understanding of each and every participant. I know so much more about their learning style and can alter my approach to each accordingly. Every company client we have needs a "return on investment" when they pay us our fees for training. You are helping us guarantee that ROI."
Larry Beckham, President
The Beckham Group, Texas

Social Services:
"The YMCA of Middle Tennessee had staff from over a ten-county area complete the profiling instruments online to enhance our coaching and professional development programs. Understanding strengths and restraints are key to effective supervision and coaching. So easy to access and share, we use the information from the MRA to provide effective and specific supervision training for their supervisors and to make good pairings with their coaches."
Nancy Reece, Sr. Vice President, Leadership Development
YMCA of Middle Tennessee
(Now Senior Consultant at The Human Capital Group)

"As I shared with you during our initial telephone call, my skepticism of the accuracy or validity of the subject matter was very high. While I have used various profiling tools throughout my career in Human Resources, I would candidly admit that it has always been at the urging of others within the organization ... and not because it was a tool that I championed or held strong faith in. I've always utilized such profiling as an additional piece of employee or candidate data, and rarely with little weight in any overall decision-making process.

Although I retained my skepticism (through the training program), I sought to maintain an open mind, to engage fully in the profiling process, and search for some applicability to our business model.

On more than one occasion I have successfully manipulated the outcome of similar profile tools, so I spent several minutes studying the survey for some way to do the same. I can honestly say that if there is a method for such manipulation to achieve a specific end result, I'm not able to identify it! As you walked through the profile / management report developed for me based on my responses to the survey, I was positively amazed at the accuracy with which the profile appeared to sum up my strengths and weaknesses. I could see this as a very useful staffing, career development, and retention tool for our organization."
Brad Holliday, Director, Human Resources
AdvancePCS, Arizona

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Here's what the people being profiled say:

"The site was very comprehensive and the instructions were complete and easy to follow. Thank you,"
- Lani L.

"I was very impressed with the questions. I was surprised that while all of the answers were not just possible answers to the situation, I also had either experienced or witnessed many situations where each of the answers were the one chosen as the first response. Thank you."
- Paul V.

"The various questions really got me thinking about situations and how I would handle them. Overall, I enjoyed taking them."
- Debra J. F.

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