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Laurence C. Sartor Ph.D.
President & CEO
MRA Enterprises, Inc.

Larry Sartor holds a doctorate from Michigan State University in Higher Education and Business Administration. When he purchased MRA in 1992, he brought 20 years of personnel development and training experience as a university dean and vice president. Larry presently holds the position of Adjunct Professor at Union Institute and University, assisting with the intern program and serving on a doctorate committee. His business career began as Vice President for Health Professions Educational Services, which developed the New Medical College Admissions Test (New MCAT). Before owning MRA, Larry also co-founded a healthcare management computer company.

John Loven
Chief Operating Officer
MRA Enterprises, Inc.

John Loven provides an unparalleled mix of employee profiling, counseling and support skills. These abilities grow out of John's experience in developing educational, opinion gathering and promotional programs for major corporations including Ford Motor Credit, Caterpillar, Merck, Pfizer, Accenture and many others. He began with MRA in 1998, creating the first software-based delivery version of the MRA profiling tools. He continues to be in demand as a public speaker and seminar leader for organizations as diverse as the United States Senate, ABC Broadcasting, and BMW North America.

Tom Goetschius
Director of Marketing & Research
MRA Enterprises, Inc.

Tom has a BA in Speech/Theatre and a Master's Degree in Interpersonal Communication from The State University of New York, where he served, for many years, as an Associate Professor of Speech and Director of Theatre. He has a 30 year career as a consultant and sales trainer for the resort development industry and has been affiliated with MRA for most of that time, providing the Executive Leadership Seminar to dozens of managers and supervisors and using the profiling instruments in various hiring and management assignments. Tom teaches Public Speaking as an Adjunct Professor at Valencia College in Orlando and is a sought after speaker and seminar leader. He has been awarded a "Mouster's Degree" from Disney University, having completed professional development courses in People Management, Quality Service and Leadership.

MRA: A tradition in management development since 1954.

In the late 1940's, there was a concerted effort to bring psychometrics to bear in the workplace. There was also a focus on accommodating the natural differences among healthy people, rather than building a theory based on psychopathology, as Freud and Jung had done. In 1926, Psychologist William Marston published his revolutionary book, The Emotions of Normal People, which motivated Walter E. Clark and others, to develop a more accurate personality typology specifically for business. It was based on four key behavioral traits which can be objectively measured, yielding a high correlation with specific workplace behaviors.

MRA Founder Charles Menzies had worked with Clark, but reinvented the process and re-did the research to make it a more comprehensive and powerful management tool, in addition to an accurate employee selection method.

The popularity of MRA's proprietary profiling instruments quickly grew due to their accuracy (92.2%), ease of use, and the growing complexity of hiring. Charlie Menzies retired in 1985 after introducing MRA to a broad array of industries. Today, under the leadership of Laurence Sartor, Ph.D., Charlie Menzies' excitement, dedication and tradition continue in an expanded of profiling tools and support services.

The MRA Leadership Matrix is Available in Six Languages

Research has shown that the MRA Leadership Matrix is not culture-bound. It renders accurate predictions as long as the subject is reasonably fluent in the language used to present the choices.

Currently we offer English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese versions of the Leadership Matrix, The Interview Report and the Effective Management Report.

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